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Getting the right knowledge is necessary. Getting personal guidance to apply that knowledge is…vital. This is what I offer.

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The Desire

You’re really interested in self-employment, or just generating some of your own income on the side.
You’ve often thought about it and may have even dabbled in it a bit. You’re inspired by hearing of others who have found a way to make money doing something they enjoy and care about, and you feel there should be more meaning in your work than you’re currently experiencing. You’ve probably read a good many inspiring and helpful books, listened to podcasts and maybe even attended some events on the topic.
The thought of bringing something from birth to life is flat out exciting. Yes?!


The Problem

The Problem: Nearly all self-employment guidance focuses on business ‘how-to’ info and the latest strategies. It’s important and relevant, but it’s putting the cart before the horse. We want it to be an easy step-by-step system we can simply implement. If it was that easy, everyone would easily adopt the latest workout program and be instantly fit and happy in no time.


After walking with over 1,000 people (hear what they have to say) pursuing a transition to self-employment, I’ve honed in on the core paradigm and preparations necessary to apply whichever business strategy fits you and your unique opportunity.


The Solution

I guide you to make use of all the great info, tools, resources and guidance on self-employment, then engage with you personally to apply it to your personal, unique situation.


This membership ultimately provides you with my book in interactive workbook form, split into bite size segments for you to work through at your own speed. You can access everything immediately upon joining, or simply sign up and forget about it. We’ve got your back and will lead you through it all via email. The community of fellow free agents is powerful and culminated in WEEKLY, LIVE CLASSES WITH ME (every Wednesday at 4pm Mountain Time!).

Our 3 core areas of focus:

1 WHO…are you to do something different than the norm? Confidence.
2 WHY…do you want free agency? Motive.
3 WHAT…is an idea that fits you and the marketplace? Your ‘IT’.


Then…you can efficiently and effectively apply all the great business know-HOW. With a primary focus on my favorite area…branding. Standing out in the crowd.

What exactly will I get as a member?

You’ll get access to the live, weekly class. You’ll get access to the groups and curriculum pertaining to your membership – all available to read, listen to, work through and download…immediately. Each step will also be emailed to you sequentially to help keep you progressing.

You’ll receive access to our Member’s Only community and the Facebook Member’s Group where a majority of our correspondence happens. You’ll get access to the entire membership of peers and guides. People at all levels.

You’ll get access to over 250 brilliant classes on all aspects of Free Agency and ensuing personal and business development that you’ll probably never take advantage of, which is why we don’t promote it as a big, lead benefit. Less is better. Get what you need now and next and what you can actually take action on.

Am I locked in to a monthly fee?

Nope. When you register now, you get access to everything promised. You can read it, listen to it, download it and cancel right away. If you see value in staying around, then the fee will renew every month for as long as you desire.

Will I get personal coaching from Kevin?

Yes! Literally. Every week, currently Wednesdays at 4pm Mountain Time, we have our live Member’s Class. A topic is posted and Kevin addresses every submission. When submissions are similar, your answer may be lumped in with another, and when submissions are abnormally high, the answers may be a bit more…expedient. Kevin also replies to a lot of the discussions posted in the members site and Facebook group, though not 100%. If you post something he misses and you want his attention, just tag him on it.

How does this ‘Free Agent Academy’ differ from other similar offerings? Will it really work for me?

That…is the big question, isn’t it? There is little business knowledge we can offer that isn’t available somewhere else. But our focus is helping you know what knowledge is needed for YOU. Second, we put as much focus on personal development as we do biz development. Actually…more. Why? Because most failure to start or launch or succeed comes back to personal issues. So in that, yeah, we claim some significant expertise and uniqueness.

Will this work for you? Well…kinda. We believe what we offer here regarding free agency helps more people actually progress, than most anywhere else. With that said however, and with all due respect, nothing will ‘work for you’. Ultimately what will happen is when YOU work for you. We’re here to do our best to support, encourage, motivate, inspire and equip you so you will commit to pursuing the desires and convictions you have for your life.

Start Your Uprising Here

For $45 per month you’ll receive:

  1. Personal Attention – This is a very personal and active community. A family. If you want anonymity and canned content, we’re not the place.
  2. Kindred Spirits – We are the gathering place for people seeking freedom in life through freedom in work. Rubbing shoulders with people of the same mindset is dramatic to your reality.
  3. Entrance to our Members only training camp – this is where our content and classes are hosted and kept private.
  4. *Lifetime Access to our Members-Only Facebook Group – this is where we do most of our corresponding with each other. *Literally, for life. Even if you cancel your membership an hour from now.
  5. Hassle Free Guidance – We don’t throw you into a zoo of info you have to wade through and figure out. We’ll lead you to the sequential exercises via your email address.
  6. First Alert – on Events, Individual & Group Coaching and all the great resources and opportunities we bring our members.



There is more, come on inside and see for yourself. Join and see if what follows is all we say it is. If it’s all these folks say it is! If not, you can cancel at any time. But I guarantee, you’ll find very different guidance for delivering your art than anywhere else.

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