1 on 1 with Kevin

For Individuals and Small Businesses 

I’ve consulted with scores of individuals and small businesses for nearly a decade. From multi-million dollar companies such as Ritchey Logic and Ziglar Performance down to people trying to discover a viable idea they can pursue for self-employment.

Plus I’ve led over 1,000 people as members in Free Agent Academy, including hosting 19 live events with hundreds of people.

You can see testimony from a good many of them right here on my Wall of Fame page.

However, am I the right resource for you? Right now? Let’s find out.

*Cost: I always want to know up front. I bill hourly with packages discounted from $300 per hour. See below.

What’s Your Need?

There are many aspects of a successful business. There are only a few I’m an expert in, and they are listed here. I’ve been in small business my entire life and have an immensely wide scope of understanding. Which helps me give you big picture and precise counsel, but as with doctors, you’re generally best to get with a specialist for the key needs you have.

Where I’m not a specialist, I have a great team of resource providers to recommend.

1. Business & Idea Development

Creativity, Innovation, Opportunity & Viability are my favorite playground. Whether developing an idea for existence or launch, or developing a new initiative for an existing business, this is where big things happen.

Few of us can do it alone, and it’s hard to find help that is experienced, objective and invested. I treat clients with the perspective of, “If I had to feed my family by selling you or your product, this is what I’d do.” Specifically.

2. Branding & Positioning Establishment

For those with an existing business or a confirmed idea they want to build into existence, this is my core competency. And…it’s your foundation. A dramatic amount of great products and services never make it because they don’t adequately communicate their benefit. The result…of what they offer.

Clarifying exactly who the target market is, what they want and why they should choose you, is paramount. Once clarified, how should be best be communicated, and where?

3. Idea Discovery

Many people are seeking the idea they should pursue. Some have very little clarity on any fitting idea, others have a wealth of ideas and are looking for the most viable.

This is, I believe, the hardest point of discovery and clarity, and is a tall order for you and your chosen guide. I’ve been this guide, for many people. However, I’m very selective on who I’ll commit to taking on for this task.

Directing vs Doing

I’m not a theorist, but very prescriptive. You’ll receive very specific guidance from me that you can walk out and implement on your own. You need direction, not dependance.

If you feel you want me to participate in the execution of your process…the doing…we can discuss it!

How We Interact

This is subject to your desire and my availability

  1. Physical – You can’t beat literal face to face, in the flesh. Which means either you coming to Colorado Springs, CO, or bringing me to you.
  2. Virtual – I utilize online video conferencing to a great degree. Being able to see each other, even remotely, significantly maximizes our interaction. This is how I interact with 80% of my clients.
  3. Phone – A last resort. I still do this plenty, but overall it lacks much from being able to see each other.


Risk Free Guarantee – Before you look below at the investments, know you are protected. Following the initial consultation, if you don’t feel you received enough value for your investment or that I fully ‘get’ you, you may freely state what my counsel was worth to you and I’ll refund the difference, down to $0.

Following the first consultation however, I retain your investment. This keeps the impetus on you to spearhead our progress. I’m a guide, not a sherpa.


Your Investment

As Malcolm Gladwell described in ‘Outliers’, I’ve mastered much of what I do through putting in my 10,000 hours. And more. Through that, there are primary aspects of my coaching and consulting that happen with every client. A process.

However, with the areas we’ll be working in, there is no exact formula. I’m not a CPA and we don’t have hard numbers.

This is Discovery, Discernment and Innovation brought forth by Experience and Creativity. With a core foundation of…Viability. At the end of the day, it’s got to be sold in the marketplace. Agreed?!

Thus, I work hourly. This accounts for:

  • Our Calls
  • My Research & Formulation

You have unlimited email access to me and back and forth communications are often negligible.

 *Hourly packages based on $300 per single hour

60-Minute JOLT: $300 Discernment and Direction

This is an intensive, focused time to substantially ramp up your efforts, get you over the hump or equip you for the next level…fast and furious. Includes 

  • Intake form and pre-call review by me with preliminary questions.
  • 60-minute consultation call where we discover primary, needs, overall direction and next steps.
  • Unlimited email access to me for 30-days for follow up.


5-Hour PLUG IN: $1,325 Walking It Out ($265 per hr)

This is a substantial amount of time for me to establish your direction and implementation. Historically this package accounts for 40% of my clients.


10-Hour HARD WIRE: *$2,200 Realization ($220 per hr)

This amount of time can often get us to full completion of a project, together. With me actually ‘doing’ some of the implementation for you. Historically this package accounts for 50% of my clients, many of which are on my Wall of Fame page.



I’m not only a coach myself, I’m a student at the feet of other coaches, counselors and teachers. Thus…I’m wary of who I put my trust in. I understand you being so as well. If you have any questions, doubts or concerns, include them in the info below.

Yours, Kevin

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