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If you desire self-employment and a life of freedom, or just to generate some income on your own that gives a taste of freedom, here is a limited offer for you:

It’s an Intense, Accelerated, OneonOne program with me…to get you to Free Agency. A business that fits you, can succeed, and starts creating the life of freedom that you believe in (or are starting to!)

Today, an MBA will set you back $100,000 and assure of…absolutely nothing. I’m offering something that, in my experience, is not only worth far more, but has value that will impact all areas of your life. An MFA, ‘Master of Free Agency’.

I’m taking our brand new Free Agent Academy curriculum (plus two courses that haven’t been officially released), and I’m personally walking through it with chosen individuals.

Why? Three distinct reasons:

  1. Walking through the curriculum intimately with individuals instead of groups gives me better insight into the real process. Consistantly doing it one-on-one helps me better extrapolate the process in a group setting.
  2. I want to document/communicate the journey to the Free Agent Underground audience at large. There is no better promotion than to walk out the process publicly. It builds trust. This will become a key part of the 2011 Free Agent Underground Show.
  3. The most important reason…YOU. You are here, reading this right now for one reason and one reason only; you want something more and better for yourself. For your life. For your family or friends and everyone who you have the opportunity to impact with your life. You want purpose, and freedom to adequately live out that purpose. That is what I’m here for. To join you, walk with you and guide you. That is my purpose

What you’ll specifically get from me is personal guidance in the form of:

inspiration – to exert a stimulating or beneficial effect upon (a person)
The foundation is your personal motivation, belief and commitment. Without this, the rest is moot. In taking you on as a student here, I will be stating my personal faith in your ability to succeed here. Much of my role is to dismantle the real or perceived obstacles to help you progress. You WILL perceive a loss of momentum during the process. You most likely WILL have something in your life get direly in the way. You WILL come to a point of feeling overwhelmed and your faith in all of this will hang in the balance. That’s when you’ll turn to me. The old leadership view of “I’m not here to be your friend, but to make you a success” is not my view. If we don’t become friends, I will have failed. However, I will surely tell it to you straight and be direct with how I believe you can succeed.

exhortation – to urge or persuade (someone) earnestly; advise strongly
Simply sharing opinions or insight is one thing, what we all need is bottom line direction. My rote question to any doctor who is “advising” on optional treatment for one of my kids is, “Hey, enough with the options. If it were your kid, what would you do?” This is serious, and you want efficient, effective guidance, no beating around the bush. Yes?!

equipping – to furnish with (necessary supplies, etc)
“Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.” That only works if you can teach the man to fish in one day. It if takes longer than that, the guy needs something to eat that night, eh? Plus, he or she needs to know what pole and lure to use, how to cast, where, what time, how to readjust if it’s windy or rainy or cold, etc… Then, yes, you can actually cast and reel it in. But you flat-out need equipment and equipping.

encouraging – to inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something)
When I spent a couple of days in Dallas with Zig Ziglar, a quote he hit me with more than once was, “Encouragement is the fuel of hope.” This never ends. Through this process and long after…forever actually…you need real encouragement to fuel you. “Real” means much more than a pat on the back. It means authentic support from someone truly invested in you, your journey, and your goals.

90-Days – this is an attainable goal timewise, and it will be our goal. What if life gets in the way and 90 days has eclipsed with course work still to complete? Then we complete it anyway. I put deadlines on nearly everything for myself, or I never do the work. If not complete as the clock strikes ‘time,’ I’m heady with delight at having gotten so far, and I press on. We will too.

The courses and structure of action are thus:

These courses are incredible. The professors that lead each one are extraordinary. As a Free Agent Academy member you get them all and it’s an incredible school and methodology. Adding my consulting is just supercharging the process. You’ll go deeper, wider, faster and our relationship from the process will lead places we can’t comprehend. Yet.

Fill out and apply. I’ll take the first four people that I feel are best suited for the journey.

1. AUDIT – “Personal Audit”
This is a 41 question form on YOU. Reviewing it in depth will be our initial call. I’ll ask more questions, and we’ll fully get to know each other. If, after this call, you or I don’t feel comfortable with each other, we’ll stop the consulting, and I’ll give you a full refund.

  • Audit: Personal Consultation call with Kevin – This initial call is often revelationary and pivital. It’s my favorite. You may preview the questions here in this pdf: StudentQuestionnaire

2. CALLING – “The Glory of Your Life” 7-session course
In our next evolution launch of Free Agent Academy (coming Dec. 6th), this will be a required course. It’s not only foundational for the pursuit of free agency, but I believe it’s foundational and revolutionary for life…period. It will provide the necessary inspiration and commitment you need. Gary is the absolute leading authority and heart…for discovering one’s calling.

  • Work through the CALLING course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with Gary Barkalow
  • Personal follow-up ‘Calling’ Consultation with Kevin – I’m not going to put more importance on any course, but there’s a reason this one is first. It’s the foundation all other programs are missing…faith and belief.

3. YOU – “Discover My Best Focus” 4-session course
Understanding your inherent strengths and weaknesses is one thing. Understanding how to utilize and shore them up so you can overcome and succeed is another. Deb is Yoda in unearthing and harnessing your strengths.

  • Work through the YOU course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with Deb Ingino
  • Personal follow-up ‘YOU’ Consultation with Kevin – Many people think they understand this topic of ‘their personality.’ They don’t. Not in the sense of harnessing your strengths in your business that differs from personal relationships. You’ll have to take the course and talk with me to understand!

4. IDEA – “Find Your Fit” 6-session course
I never thought a step-by-step process could exist for such a seemingly elusive goal as “the idea that best fits me.”‘ This course blew me away. It’s profound and gets results. And Jonathan is…the King of Idea.

  • Work through the IDEA course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with Jonathan Pool
  • Personal follow-up “IDEA” Consultation with Kevin – This is the course I wish I’d had a decade and a half ago. I didn’t know or maybe even believe it existed. Steps to understand the idea that truly fit you? I love discussing this course and the mind blowing discoveries.

5. BRAND – “Core Branding Course” 4-session course
Whatever you think of within the term “brand” is less than 10% of what you’ll discover in this course. In 2008 and 2009 I got paid $300 per hour to help individuals and businesses define and refine their “brand.” Today I’m going through a brand revision myself, at the hands of Jimi Gibson. This will make your business.

  • Work through the BRAND course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with Jimi Gibson
  • Personal follow-up “BRAND” Consultation with Kevin – This is what I know best. Brand is another word for ‘communication.’ I got you here based on my ability to communicate. Helping you do the same is a great joy. Whatever you think of regarding ‘brand’ is roughtly 10% of what you’ll get in this course.

6. ROADMAP – “Simple Strategic Plan” 4-session course
FAA Dean, Chuck Bowen, is famous for stating that “if we can work it out on paper, we can work it out in real life.” And James is an artist at putting structure and next steps to your plan, and coming out at the end with more than just a business plan, but a core mission.

  • Work through the ROADMAP course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with James Woosley
  • Personal follow-up “ROADMAP” Consultation with Kevin – I heard from a well know business leader recently that there is no ‘roadmap’ for the process of self-employment. He’s wrong. There is no cookie-cutter process, but of course there is a Roadmap. I can use a map to direct me from here to anywhere in the world. It can’t predict weather or circumstances, but it can give me the directives. This process creates a plan and…peace. Validity.

7. MARKETING – “Expose Yourself” 6-session course
This was our climactic “Intensive” event of 2010 and is the curriculum for our newest (yet still unannounced) course. The best idea and plan in the world will die if not adequately exposed to the relevant audience. This is where it happens, and I’ve met few people who knew how to effectively promote like Justin. Myself included, and I’m pretty darn good.

  • Work through the MARKETING course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with Resident Professor
  • Personal  follow-up “MARKETING” Consultation with Kevin – If there is recess in this school for me, it’s here. This is flat out fun, and where most would-be free agents have a distinct void. This is where we make money.

8. ONLINE – “Grand Opening” 4-session course
Everything comes down to…your storefront. Even if you have a brick and mortar existence…online rules today’s success. An online brochure of a website won’t do it. And – you must have more than a mere website. Also, online sales are different, specific and unique animals. This is where we, as Andy says, come to “Exist.”

  • Work through the ONLINE course in FAA
  • Participate in 1 live Q&A Session in FAA with Resident Professor
  • Personal follow-up “ONLINE” Consultation with Kevin – After nailing everything else, 95% or more of business efforts die here. We can’t overemphasise that people DO judge a book by it’s cover. This is where the rubber hits the road.

Solo-flight Consultation
We don’t wrap up here, and I don’t leave you. But we’ll end our direct personal consultations with a wrap up that lays out your next steps. You’ll be in our FAA community, where I live online, and you’ll continue to have access to me.

  • Personal Consultation with Kevin – This is a joyful discussion, as it about clarity, peace and confidence.

Your Investment:
three months of membership in Free Agent Academy for $1 per month, normally $125 per month ($372 value)

Cord of Three: $1,300
A cord of three can’t be broken. Here you will join with two other’s in the courses and sessions with me.
– Pros: more affordable. Companionship and feedback and accountability with others who are intimately invested with you.
– Cons: not as much one-on-one from me, Kevin
*Availability: requires 3 accepted applicants

Apprenticeship: $2,200
This is just you and me with full focus time.
– Pros: My focus and time is yours and yours alone.
– Cons: Costs more







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