#271: How Aaron Kerr made his first dollar with Public Domain books

June 11, 2014 | 4 comments. | Comment on this post

aaronHow did Aaron Kerr make the first dollar (and quick thousands!) with his business idea? Get the behind the scenes scoop and nitty-gritty details that make Aaron’s extraordinary journey…very ordinary.

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Aaron is the founder and publisher of Timeless Reads, specializing in publishing outstanding public domain books. Timeless Reads had over $100,000 in sales in its first year as a one-man publishing shop. Three of Aaron’s releases hit the top 100 bestseller list on Amazon, including one that became the #1 bestselling book for Kindle.

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Before Free Agency

  • Aaron was working full time in IT, and still is, even though he grossed $100,000 his first year in this ‘side business’.


 Spark – What started the idea for free agency?

  • “I’ve always had the itch,” said Aaron. “I’ve always had something going on the side. My job’s OK, but I want to be challenged.”


Why…are you doing this? What’s the motive?

  • To be challenged. To do something himself, from birth to existence.


What…gave him the biz idea?

  • He heard of others publishing Public Domain books (before 1922), and realized the Anne of Green Gables series his wife was reading to their kids was available and not done well.



  • Posted it on Amazon kindle and sales came right away…at $.99. In about 30 days he hit 7,300 sales in a single day!


TR-boxToday, what’s the status of the business?

  • After grossing $100k in the first 12 months, he’s has his two best months recently and business continues to grow.


Resistance…to the free agent pursuit

  • Time. The busyness of family and a full time job. “I’m getting rid of some other endeavors to save time, says Aaron. “Some criticism to what I was doing was also more disconcerting than it should have been.”


Inspiration…what has been a primary motive for this pursuit?

  • “The challenge of it has been most inspiring,” shares Aaron. “But I dream of taking a year off of…everything. And this could help.”


Reward…what’s been the best reward so far?

  • Aaron says, “I thought money would be the big deal. It’s helpful and will enable some things, but hasn’t made me any happier. The fulfillment of success is more rewarding.”



  • Automate and outsource and add more titles.


An Encouraging Word

  • “There are huge opportunities out there. The Amazon and Kindle marketplace is staggering. Try things. Have a level of play in whatever you do.” – Aaron Kerr on free agency


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  • http://www.theSneezingChristmasTree.com Aaron Kerr

    Kevin, thanks for helping me share my story. The last year and four months has been a wild ride, and I’m glad to be able to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in hopes that it will inspire someone else.

    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      Oh man, my honor…thanks for being real with us!

  • unicyclemichael

    Thanks Aaron and Kevin – I was really looking forward to hearing this one and you did not disappoint. You have indeed inspired someone else.

    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      Great to hear from you Michael. And there you go Aaron…