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July 20, 2015: Many people visiting this page know me as grateful Brand Director for Ziglar, Inc and proud host of the top ranked podcast, The Ziglar Show. Some will know me as Business Development Director of a new venture and initiative in healthcare at True Life Medicine. But most may recognize me for my role as Founder of Free Agent Academy. After launching in June of 2009, I put FAA on pause in May of 2015. What I hope will be a ground breaking book on my significant experience walking intimately with over 1,000 people desiring to pursue self-employment during that time, is coming in the near future.

I admittedly have a tiger by the tail with both Ziglar and True Life Medicine, and as of this writing, I’m fully committed to both endeavors. For those desiring to contract with me for business coaching and consulting, which I do on a very limited basis, you may inquire with me here.

For direct inquiries, my primary topics are:

  1. The Pursuit of Self-Employment – What it really takes
  2. What’s At The Core of Successful Business Development? – It’s Personal…
  3. The Illusive Journey of Personal Development – What Hinders and Helps Taking Action. Or not.

Please send inquiries here.


  • Host
  • The Ziglar Show
  • “I host this show, often with Ziglar CEO Tom Ziglar and special guests. After 1.5 dormant years, we’ve taken the show into the top 10 of all Business Podcasts in iTunes and Stitcher. It’s a great joy and honor to spread the Ziglar message.”



  • Brand Director & Marketing Strategist
  • Ziglar Performance, Inc.
  • “I spend 1-day of my week and smatterings throughout the week helping guide the marketing and branding strategy, and doing all copywriting for Ziglar. I’m a fan and student of the Ziglar message, and grateful to call CEO Tom Ziglar a dear friend.”



  • Business Development Director
  • TrueLifeMedicine.com
  • A members only, family practice specializing in Functional Medicine.



  • Business & Brand Development – with a primary focus on Innovative Opportunities for your Business and Idea, and Branding & Positioning dominance. People don’t hire me for structure and projections and finances. I’m hired for VIABILITY & GROWTH.
  • “I take on clients as I’m able, generally one every month or two. I look for personal resonance and products and services I’m personally excited about. You can see a long list of testimonies HERE, and inquire with me HERE.



  • Founder & President
  • Free Agent Academy
  • “We’re coming up on our 6th year (June 2015) and had over 1,000 members. Every Wednesday at 4pm Mountain time I host a live, streaming video class with our members to discuss personal specifics of the free agent pursuit!







Hi, I’m Kevin, a sold out believer in self-employment as one of the most powerful vehicles in today’s world for freedom, inspiration and fulfillment in life. I’m a lifetime free agent who grew up in a free agent home and helping others get free is my chosen (maybe destined) vocation.

For four years we’ve had an ‘underground’ effort in the works. With what we’ve learned in 312 classes, 104 live shows, 19 live events, with over 1,000 people desiring to move from traditional employment to self-employment, we’re now unleashing publicly in our Academy. This is a massive movement to call many more people to take action for their freedom, and our Academy is where we help each other through support, exercises, courses and accountability.

I live and work up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a big strawbale house  we built (literally) with my rock star wife and our seven amazing kids. We’ve lost it all, gained it all back and then some, but through it all fought to protect what we care about most, relationships and purpose.

I’m far from famous, but type in ‘kevin miller free agency’ or kevin miller self-employment’ and you’ll find an endless amount of resources from myself and many others from the past six years of guiding people to freedom. On the right I’ve listed a handful of sources that have interviewed me.

14FamTo know me would be to know I’m a son, husband, father, homebody and believe myself to be the king of Boggle. I have mortgages, debt, an overwhelmingly demanding life and am more prone to be found changing a diaper or up in the night with an ‘accident’ than I am clubbing or hanging out on a yacht (I hear they’re nice).

Most good guides lead from their successes and their failures. I have a healthy dose of both in my self-employment journey.

I don’t have an Ivy League MBA, never worked in a Fortune 500 company, I didn’t make a million bucks in the dot com craze or devote myself to a business that went huge. I haven’t traveled the world and I don’t own a sports car (just an old, beater Jeep CJ7).

What I have done is devoted myself to family and being free and inspired. Over the decades I’ve started and run a number of businesses in order to maintain my freedom. I’m great at developing ideas but am an admitted so-so businessman. My wife says I’m more of an artist, and I think of myself as a Freedom Fighter.

kevin091_3But I’ve lived a worthy story of freedom. At 43 I could die today dramatically fulfilled, having tasted much of the best life here on earth has to offer.

And I’ve done it all with a wife (my best friend and Lover), kids (we have seven!), debt (over $100k from dumb business risks), losing it all (literally…started life over), moving cross country with the family (TN to CA to CO), building a dream house (not having it built…literally building it, a strawbale house on prime land, 9,300 feet above sea level in a National Forest).

I’m just a guy who wants freedom to make my family, values and desires a priority and not be captive to the ‘grind’. And my favorite vehicles for freedom in today’s culture is self-employment. I grew up in a self-employed home and except for 2-years, I’ve been self-employed all my life. It’s all I know.

I’ve devoted my vocational life to helping others get free and have had the amazing privilege of walking with nearly 1,000 individuals in this pursuit. Our culture’s greatest wealth, stories, legacies and value comes from people fighting for and claiming freedom to live out what they believe, in the fullness of who they are.

It’s hard. And glorious. JOIN US.

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