Where did I go?! – New Horizons

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*Not that you’re sitting around, wondering about my life, but the events are indicative of the self-employment journey and may provide insight. And I frequently get emails asking why I’m not blogging and podcasting on my normal channels…

After 5.5 years of full on Free Agent Academy, I switched gears for 2015, simple as that. I put my focus back on my roots of business development instead of primarily…personal development.

Less than a year later I’m Marketing Strategist for Ziglar, Inc, host of The Ziglar Show and am the Business Developer for True Life Medicine. While I haven’t blogged here since Sept. 2014, I’m avidly blogging at two places:


I also do some Individual and Business Coaching & Consulting.

All are endeavors I love, believe in and would do for free (though I gladly accept abundant pay).

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The scary responsibility of self-employment

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My Grandpa ran a farm, just like his dad and grandfather and great grandfather and most of our ancestry. Most of your’s too I assume. I wrote about my Grandpa in a popular blog on Nov. 19, 2010 following his death and funeral, “A true free agent legacy, Ray Miller“. The old farm is pictured above.

There were different types of farms and people ran them in different ways. But what ran true was, the owners had full responsibility for results. Well, aside from the weather that blessed or cursed their efforts.

The weight of it all was on them.

Today, few of us know, or want…this type of weight. Continue reading

The business of infopreneuring

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Hope word with shadow, backgroundOver 15 years ago, Harry Beckwith published, ‘Selling the Invisible’. It was a commentary on the move from selling hard goods and manufacturing, to selling services.

In this internet marketing age we’ve seen an immense upsurge in ‘Selling Hope’.

It took me a while to see this. I thought I was selling solutions. ‘How to become self-employed!’ I was fervent about pushing people along. Finding their motive, finding a viable idea, creating it into an offering, launching it and them becoming free agents!

As time went on, I realized how many people had been paying me $95 per month for three years or more. I’d check their member profiles and see zero activity for months, if not a year. This left me feeling flat-out guilty. Continue reading

Entrepreneur on Fire interview: “612: Kevin Miller: Make your business idea unmissable”

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jldNeedless to say I’m honored. Today, June 25, 2014 my interview on John Lee Dumas’ ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ hit the airwaves at large:

612: Kevin Miller: Make your business idea unmissable

John has taken the online biz world by storm, posting monthly revenues between $100k and $200k. He interviews an entrepreneur…every day.

Testimony to his audience is evident to me today, as I’m getting new subscribers, social media hits and personal email congratulations.

Special thanks to my buddy James Woosley, author of ‘Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite‘ for recommending me to John.

You can check out the interview…here: Continue reading

Can I join you in your business?

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The pressure to have everything riding on your shoulders…to make the right decisions…to get results (like more sales!). Want me to share the load and responsibility with you? Want someone who understands business and who you can trust…on your side putting in effort? To grow your business…FAST?!

Small Biz Sage & Sherpa Package
Guidance on where to go. Help to get you there.

If you have an existing product or service you’re selling or have ready to sell, I’m going to come alongside 3 people and help share the load. I’ll choose 3 people who I’m confident I can help. 3 people who I believe in, and whose product or service I’m stoked to represent. Continue reading

#271: How Aaron Kerr made his first dollar with Public Domain books

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aaronHow did Aaron Kerr make the first dollar (and quick thousands!) with his business idea? Get the behind the scenes scoop and nitty-gritty details that make Aaron’s extraordinary journey…very ordinary.

– Watch the show on the Uprising YouTube Channel

Aaron is the founder and publisher of Timeless Reads, specializing in publishing outstanding public domain books. Timeless Reads had over $100,000 in sales in its first year as a one-man publishing shop. Three of Aaron’s releases hit the top 100 bestseller list on Amazon, including one that became the #1 bestselling book for Kindle.

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Will you embrace your art?

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Creativity in businessI just finished an interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire fame, who is often sitting at #1 in Business Podcasts. Our interview goes live June 25th, you can bet I’ll let you know!

In the interview, the quote from me that John really grasped onto was, “Will people embrace their art?!”

Seth Godin, arguably today’s most prolific voice in and for business, has given much focus to the term ‘art’ in recent times, and it profoundly resonates with me. In regards to myself and over 1,000 people I’ve walked with in the past five years desiring free agency, at the core we all want to deliver something of ourselves to the world. A product, service or message that fulfills a desire or solves a problem for others.

Want me to personally help you deliver your art?>

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Welcome Free Agents

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Weekly counsel to help Business Owners STAND OUT and be UNMISSABLE by their target market.

TOP11Get my Top 11 Ways To Make Your Business or Idea Unmissable and give people an undeniably compelling reason to buy what you’re selling.

Divine Disgust & ‘To The Pain!’

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wesleyThis is my Free Agent Academy member’s class this week, but after finishing it, felt it was relevant for all…

Many of you are probably like myself, and far too hard on yourselves. We all need more…grace. For ourselves and others.

So first, take a deep breath. And repeat, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.” – Stuart Smalley

Seriously, you are amazing. Me too.


This is not about who you are as a whole. You do a ton. More than most probably. But…regarding your work…

I want to focus on our frustration. As I write, I’m focusing on my own.

Right here, right now, I’m betting you have a fairly decent measure of frustration inside of you, if you get real about it. Continue reading

I don’t care to be a success

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????????????????????????I really don’t. All the books and blogs and podcasts ‘how-tos’ on SUCCESS just don’t motivate me at all.

This hit me during a recent Free Agent Academy class. Members were talking about their motives for pursuing self-employment. People got so excited talking about having more time for family, being able to create something themselves and not being hindered by the confinements of traditional employment.

But when the topic of ‘being a success’ was brought up, it was a buzz kill. It just wasn’t something anyone cared about. Continue reading