Will you embrace your art?

May 27, 2014 | 5 comments. | Comment on this post

Creativity in businessI just finished an interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire fame, who is often sitting at #1 in Business Podcasts. Our interview goes live June 25th, you can bet I’ll let you know!

In the interview, the quote from me that John really grasped onto was, “Will people embrace their art?!”

Seth Godin, arguably today’s most prolific voice in and for business, has given much focus to the term ‘art’ in recent times, and it profoundly resonates with me. In regards to myself and over 1,000 people I’ve walked with in the past five years desiring free agency, at the core we all want to deliver something of ourselves to the world. A product, service or message that fulfills a desire or solves a problem for others.

Want me to personally help you deliver your art?>

  • We want to birth something and see it from beginning to fruition.
  • We want to invest ourselves in something we enjoy and care about.
  • We want to work in roles that fit us and at tasks we excel in and quit wasting our time and efforts in the confines of a job description.
  • We want some anonymity and control in order to fully produce our art, unencumbered by rules or politics or job role or ‘corporate policy’.

And here’s a biggie that I credit my great friend Gary Barkalow, author of ‘It’s Your Call’ for bringing to light. “We all want to engage in an endeavor that requires something significant from us.”

We don’t really want a ‘cush’ job where we make six figures in a corner office, work bankers hours and do work we could perform in our sleep (or that a monkey could do). We want to be well (very well) compensated for doing meaningful work that requires the very best of us and even pulls out more than we knew we had in us.

It’s why we love the adventure thrillers where the character is called upon to save the world with all they’ve got and more. We love it!

Well, I have my own personal world that often needs saving. Many of the people I call on in businesses and at numerous companies are not there to help. They are merely putting their time in for compensation. You know what I’m talking about. We don’t even expect to have true care given to us out in the marketplace anymore.

But every once in a while…an ‘artist’ arises. Someone who actually cares about us and about what they do. And through doing what they do they lift our lives as well as their own.

This has nothing to do with FUN or PLAY in your work. The greatest people doing the greatest work are working HARD. They often exhaust themselves in their efforts. But what they do is life giving to the recipient, and them.

I’ve received life-giving art from:

  • Insurance providers
  • Back hoe operators
  • Restaurant owners and servers
  • Business consultants
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Police men and women
  • Crossing guards
  • Mechanics

…and so on

People who had care and joy in their role and task and truly cared about serving me well.

They are few and far between, as you well know.

Most are business owners of course. It’s just a statistical truth, but easy to understand. Most pursue self-employment specifically because they want to have control and freedom to provide the fullness of what they do, directly to the end user.

But this isn’t a promo for self-employment as much as it’s a focus on you and your art. Me and my art.

Here’s a tip about your art – it probably doesn’t seem that exceptional to you, precisely because…it’s natural for you. It comes easy to you.


Maybe you are around others who do what you do fairly well. Or you follow some who do what you do even better.

So what. Get over it.

Cause the majority of us DON’T do it well. We struggle in what comes fairly easy to you. Your ability. Your insight. Your understanding. Your skill.

Offer it to us. Please. It’s not a luxury, it’s your responsibility. Cause meanwhile we’re getting served by someone who doesn’t care and is not helping us well. And if you’re not engaged in your art, it’s dying in you and your dying from doing something that doesn’t fit or fulfill you.

Do you need help discovering your art?
Do you know your art but don’t know how to apply it?
Are you applying your art but not getting the traction from it you think you should?

Pursue it. Commit to it. And if I can help you, I’d be honored to.


  • http://www.sheepdressedlikewolves.com/ Andy Mort

    I love this message, Kevin. It is so important. I’m such a believer that all people are potential artists, regardless of what they do. I once had a damning bit of criticism come my way for suggesting that ‘everyone is an artist…it’s just not everyone knows it yet’. The critic suggested I was naive and idiotic for thinking everyone could be an artist. It turned out they had been to art school and were trying to make a living. I guess they didn’t get it or they were wanting to be in some kind of pretentious elite minority. Either way it warms my soul to hear messages like yours, and to see you encouraging people to bring out their inner artist. Thanks for what you do! It’s great to come across you. Thanks JLDumas!

    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      I hear you Andy. There’s a lot of bitterness out there from folks who are hurting. Gotta have grace for them, and know the best thing we can do is deliver our own art…which gives others permission and inspiration to create and deliver their own, eh? Honored to connect with you.

      • http://www.sheepdressedlikewolves.com/ Andy Mort

        Amen. Perfectly articulated! Thanks, Kevin.

  • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

    Looking forward to the interview, Kevin. Thanks for encouraging others to keep embracing their art!

    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      So inspired by YOU doing your art, Michael.