Wishing you a free Christmas

December 23, 2013 | 6 comments. | Comment on this post

14FamNine days from now is Jan. 1. A new year. Everyone’s thoughts will be bent on the future. Whatever happens two days from now…Christmas, will be pretty much forgotten.

So right now a great question to ask as you think of all that ‘needs’ to be done for Christmas is…does it REALLY need to be done? Is there anything you can let go of? So you can be a bit more free to…be.

To enjoy and appreciate and take the time more captive.

That’s my Christmas wish for myself, my family, and YOU.

What can you let go of? You may have a list of 20 really good things you feel need to be done, but they will keep one or two truly GREAT things from happening.

Today I’m letting go of the grandparent’s gifts that I’m making…and haven’t yet finished. They won’t mind at all to get it after Christmas. This will give me time to dote on my kids and help them wrap presents. Time to be with my wife and prepare gifts, food and the things that will create memories. Time to really taste the eggnog, hear the music, see the kids smiles and joy and join them in it.

Merry Christmas. For unto us, a Child is born. How glorious. How freeing.

Your Holiday Freedom Fighter,
Agent Kevin Miller

  • James Divine

    Kevin: Great advice. I don’t remember who said we sometimes miss the great by going after the good, but it was advice that helped me a lot.

    What a beautiful picture of your family! I did not realize you had so many kids. What a blessing! Blessed is the man whose quiver is full. I ONLY have four kids, three grown now. One grandbaby and one on the way.

    Have a terrific Christmas,


    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      Thanks for this James! Yeah, we have a few kids. Happy New Year!

  • http://BrandonCordoba.com/ Brandon Cordoba

    Merry Christmas brother! :)

    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      You too Brandon!

  • Teri Miller

    really great words, Kevin. I need this reminder constantly!

    • http://www.freeagentacademy.com Kevin Miller

      Me too…