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*Not that you’re sitting around, wondering about my life, but the events are indicative of the self-employment journey and may provide insight. And I frequently get emails asking why I’m not blogging and podcasting on my normal channels…

After 5.5 years of full on Free Agent Academy, I switched gears for 2015, simple as that. I put my focus back on my roots of business development instead of primarily…personal development.

Less than a year later I’m Marketing Strategist for Ziglar, Inc, host of The Ziglar Show and am the Business Developer for True Life Medicine. While I haven’t blogged here since Sept. 2014, I’m avidly blogging at two places:


I also do some Individual and Business Coaching & Consulting.

All are endeavors I love, believe in and would do for free (though I gladly accept abundant pay).

WHY? I’ve been labeled the “Pied Piper of Self-Employment”, which I’m flattered by. I am absolutely one of the world’s greatest advocates of self-employment. But for me it’s a means to an end. Business and work are not my hobbies and what I do for fun. That would be trail running, mountain biking, kayaking/canoeing, cooking and building natural wood, functional furniture for my house!

What I care about is purpose, meaning and freedom to reach your full potential as a person. Self-employment is a great vehicle for it, but at the core, the pursuit of self-employment involves  more personal development than business development.

After seven years of guiding people, I found myself doing 90% personal development and 10% business development.

What am I best at and have the most “chops” for, as Gary V. would say? Business development. So in mid 2014, after some good counseling and soul searching…I decided to get back to my roots.

I actually continued leading classes for my Free Agent Academy members until May of 2015, but finally put it on pause.

I have a book on “The Why Would You? Should You? How-To-Guide To PURSUING Self-Employment” that is primarily written. With my ever expanding platform as host of The Ziglar Show, my book value is skyrocketing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.46.26 PM

But I’m not ready…I’m building some platforms I believe in right now and want to finish.

So thanks immensely for so many of you who have walked with me in the Free Agent endeavor for the past six years. Again…the Academy is just on pause for now. I’ll probably relaunch in conjunction with the book. Maybe late 2016.

Until them, I’m easy to find!