Now, will you serve in your conviction?

September 30, 2011 | 2 comments. | Comment on this post

This week I asked you to share your convictions, and over 60 of you did. Thank you. Thanks for being bold, being honest and risking offense (and some of you offended!). You wrote your burdens, frustrations, angers and pains. I have a few things for you:

– Picture explained at the bottom of this post

#1 Topics brought up

If you didn’t read the initial post, or haven’t gone back and read the comments, or didn’t catch the live show I did to discuss it, go back and check it all out –  “I dare you to post a conviction“. The comments are profound and sparked a wide array of responses. Here is just a sampling of some of the topics discussed:

  1. Parenting
  2. Daycare
  3. Church on many levels
  4. Negative people
  5. TV hate
  6. Medical community
  7. Pharmaceutical companies
  8. Church music
  9. Debt
  10. Financial security
  11. Obesity
  12. Men as head of household
  13. Modern biz practices
  14. Modern school teachings
  15. Men providing only money
  16. Being a victim
  17. ‘Christians’ bashing politicians
  18. Responsibility to care for widows and orphans and elderly
  19. Disrespect
  20. Praying couples
  21. Abortion
  22. Politicians
  23. Pedophiles
  24. Bullies
  25. Filthy rich Christians
  26. Luck
  27. Sin
  28. Marketing
  29. Catholics
  30. Contraception

…and that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far, there are more

#2 Follow up additions and show

With so much activity on this post, I did a follow-up show on Wednesday to read more comments, showcase some videos on conviction that are just killer (poet Taylor Mali) and included more on the topic regarding ‘Being bold’ and Mr. Conviction Himself, Jesus Christ. Here is the audio for this show:


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#3 A winner

During the live show I asked for people to state convictions that hopefully stepped on MY toes. Offered to send them Free Agent Academy bar of custom, hand made soap made by Brett Traudt, “The Rugged Soapmaker” and owner of Nobody stepped on my toes. Which I guess just attests to this crowd being kindred spirits. If anyone had starkly differing views than I did, I imagine they wouldn’t be here reading, eh? So I’m sending the soap to Jason Gary. He posted a conviction about couples coming together to pray, for each other and their family. That ‘convicted me’. It’s not that I don’t do that with my wife, but I know we aren’t doing it enough and harnessing the power and truth that comes with it. So thanks Jason, you’ll have a great smelling package in your mailbox soon.

#4 Serve with your conviction

Now, YOUR CHARGE: How can you take your conviction(s) and serve people? Specifically leading with that conviction, or how can you gain influence with people that allows you a platform?

I’m convicted about people being free from culture and free to fully live out their calling, so I ‘sell self-employment’ because I think it’s THE BEST vehicle for those freedoms.

But let’s say that wasn’t my core conviction and I just knew business and could do it well and make a business (like I have) out of it. And my core conviction was really being a full-time parent. It is a conviction of mine, but not primary. The platform I’ve build doing something I can do well (self-employment) affords me influence with an audience and I can espouse…whatever I want to.

Gary Veynerchuk grew famous for taking what he was good at, tasting, commenting on and selling wine, and used it as a platform to espouse things he cared about, such as people pursuing their passions, and the NY Jets.

Remember, a conviction that you keep to yourself, is robbing humanity. It’s taking a gift and hoarding it. And humanity is slowly becoming more and more sheep with few shepherds.

I’m asking for more thought and ultimately, action. Who do you care about more? You? Or others…

The best resource to help you serve with your conviction? Free Agent Academy membership. Our ‘School for calling and self-employment’. You can go read about it here, or jump straight to our inquiry questionnaire that will help you see what you’d be getting into, and help us see if you’re ready for us. Please, only do this if you are serious about your interest.

*Also, Carolyne Jiminez is a dear friend and member of Free Agent Academy. She had written a blog recently on “What she stands for” and it’s just excellent. I highly recommend you check it out:

**Picture at the top is an unknown high school cross country runner that I personally snapped yesterday. My son Caleb was there taking top 20 in the JV race (an incredible feat after having major chest excavation surgery in Feb. and only running now for 7 weeks) and my daughter Autumn ran a great race amidst severe shin-splints. This guy finished last. Last in his race, and last overall, as even the last girl who started 10 minutes behind him had passed him. I don’t know the story, but I guarantee you there are convictions at work. I’d like to think it came from someone who cared about him and shared a conviction that led him to this. It was the most inspiring thing of the day. Who can you help and veritably save…with your convictions?

  • Ivan Bickett

    Even the last place person in a race finishes A HEAD OF EVERYONE who isn’t in the race!!!

    I came across a similar quote to what I just said from a guy who WANTED to race motorcycles, but just never did. He and his friends would go to races frequently and usually make fun of the small, non-factory racers that finished last behind the “big boys” with factory rides. Then it hit him one day, even the SLOWEST racer on the track finished a head of HIM! B/c he NEVER GOT ON THE TRACK! So he made a decision right then to start being the last guy on the track. Eventually he became good enough to win some amateur championships, but it would have never happened if he did get out there himself.

    That’s a big guy in the picture. And like Kevin, I find that inspiring. REGARDLESS of where he finished, HE FINISHED. Which means HE STARTED!

    Can we all say the same? Can you? Can I?

    We should.

    Thanks for sharing the picture and the story, Kevin. If you can’t tell, I find it AWESOME!

    Now, I’m going to listen to the show.


  • Jake Woldstad

    I love that picture, and for the same reasons as Ivan. That guy decided he wanted to run cross country and started. Every time he goes out, whether practice or competition, he is striving to make himself better. He is working to improve himself, and the thing I love about the struggle for increased fitness is it generally makes other areas of life better as well.

    The determination the young man in the photo is displaying by finishing the race will help him when he is grinding through preparation for a test or to complete a project. The confidence built by improving his fitness and body can help him be more confident in other areas of his life. Confidence is like strength: it affects all of you.