Can I join you in your business?

June 20, 2014 | no comments. | Comment on this post

The pressure to have everything riding on your shoulders…to make the right decisions…to get results (like more sales!). Want me to share the load and responsibility with you? Want someone who understands business and who you can trust…on your side putting in effort? To grow your business…FAST?!

Small Biz Sage & Sherpa Package
Guidance on where to go. Help to get you there.

If you have an existing product or service you’re selling or have ready to sell, I’m going to come alongside 3 people and help share the load. I’ll choose 3 people who I’m confident I can help. 3 people who I believe in, and whose product or service I’m stoked to represent.

The focus…quick growth. More sales. Money in your bank account.

How? Primarily by focusing on:

  1. Exactly who your Target Market is,
  2. How to best Position your biz and offering to cater to that target market,
  3. How to communicate that positioning through a Brand Strategy that attracts them and is unmissable and undeniable,
  4. The Marketing Strategy that drives it all.


If we deem you need priority help in other areas, I may be of service or I can help guide to the appropriate people or resources.

This is me fully joining you in your business with investment and skin in the game. You’ll own me for half a day every week, for 4 to 8 weeks, plus unlimited email/text access. I’ll share responsibility for results and treat your business like my own.

Also if you’re willing, I’ll report on our journey and progress together with my public audience (which gives you promo, AND holds my feet to the fire to produce results, eh?). You’ll get my members as a focus group and benefit from their combined wisdom as well.

I’ll promote you to my audience, and if appropriate regarding what your product or service is, I’ll advocate you to some of my peers who have audiences.

If you’re in the CO Springs area, we can meet face to face. Otherwise we’ll utilize streaming video via skype or google hangout.

We’ll meet every week, discern the next priority need, and I’ll help you achieve it.

While this may sound great, your main thought right now is…”Yeah, but how much will it cost me?”

Which is exactly what I’d be thinking, and it irritates the fire out of me when folks lead me on and then won’t divulge the cost. I won’t even bother inquiring further.

Just hit “Yes” below and I’ll tell you exactly what it takes, and how there is no risk for you. Really.

And if you’re contemplating just hitting ‘delete to this message, do a quick gut check and see if you’re doing it just to avoid having to wrestle with the decision of, “Should I or shouldn’t I?”

I’ll make the decision easier in the quick note on this page.

Click “Yes”

See you over there,