The scary responsibility of self-employment

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My Grandpa ran a farm, just like his dad and grandfather and great grandfather and most of our ancestry. Most of your’s too I assume. I wrote about my Grandpa in a popular blog on Nov. 19, 2010 following his death and funeral, “A true free agent legacy, Ray Miller“. The old farm is pictured above.

There were different types of farms and people ran them in different ways. But what ran true was, the owners had full responsibility for results. Well, aside from the weather that blessed or cursed their efforts.

The weight of it all was on them.

Today, few of us know, or want…this type of weight.

We want to be part of a ‘team’ where the engine keeps rolling and results happen despite us. We want to matter and succeed, but to do so amidst something far bigger than us that is going to endure and provide on our good days and bad days.

Self-employment and small business doesn’t offer this, at least not at the outset.

We’re drawn to self-employment because the downside of the big engine is, well…you know. I don’t need to reiterate the stats on work dissatisfaction.

You’re most likely here reading this, due to it.

The conundrum is we don’t want all the responsibility, yet, we crave it.

So much of the quest revolves around this issue.

Today I bring you a tremendous blog post from Roy H. Williams. One of my greatest teachers on business and marketing and the human emotional condition. He challenges our view of ‘team’, though praises our need for a ‘tribe’.

Since he doesn’t give a place for comments and discussion, I invite you to read his post, them come here and discuss it in regards to self-employment specifically.

Here is the link, and I’ve pulled out some key statements:

Reliable Truth or Cultural Myth?

  • “I think teamwork in business is highly overrated.”
  • “Teamwork” is an illusion created when the individual components within a human system accomplish a goal that is credited to the collective, rather than to the individual efforts of the components.
  • “What might appear to be teamwork in a relay race is, in truth, just a series of individual runners, each of whom begins their effort with an advantage or a deficit that was handed to them by the previous runner. If a runner increases that advantage or shortens that deficit, he or she was successful. It is only when they are rewarded collectively that we create the illusion of a team.”
  • “Individual responsibility brings out the best in us. If you remove individual responsibility, you create a committee. I believe committees are formed when no one wants to accept individual responsibility for the outcome.”
  • “There are things that can exist only in the heart of an individual. Among these are commitment, determination, resourcefulness, intelligence and pride. These may appear to exist in a group, but in truth they can exist only in each of its individuals.”
  • “Being part of a team, a tribe, gives us a sense of identity, purpose and adventure. And that helps us to perform as individuals.”


Again, you can read the full article here.

So…what do you think?


  • jannew1515

    in re: teamwork in business..

    I currently chew of this one-or does it chew on me!:( I wrote in another places/hangouts the following..
    ever-so valuable the important is this
    when it comes to (teamwork in) business: a case in point..
    be CAREFUL if trying to conduct being the especial of an affiliate of a company-if a parent and their offspring who run it:
    can you indeed imagine-the pitfalls of problems that can occur-if you/one
    don’t/one doesn’t do this pro-active of safeguards-let alone the default of things JUST A HUSTLE? yep. and it’s been such reasons-that I concretely-and recently stopped an interact with a person..who seems to not know why i’ve come to such conclusion with them. (I’ve accused them-in their perceive-of there having done wrong, and their leaving me to default of them a sales mule-without the instead the proactive of a written proof of creative control shared & a contract of expeditings-that I’ve asked for? & I’m the bad guy-for crying foul/unfair??

    have you ever been through this in your conduct of business?!! chime in on how:1) you DON’T DO THIS IN YOUR BUSINESS-OR 2) how you STOPPED it from going on in your delegate/leadership of business/’maybe you even left that


    this experience has indeed hurt from the go through-but also,

    I’ve channeled the anger of it to form an online group-that can possibly help other people to diffuse, return to the

    beholding of intelligent, and to go to other offers positive to start over again..aimed of resulting better-and overcoming the bitter-simultaneously

    thank you for the space