Small Biz Sage & Sherpa Package

Guidance on where to go, Help to get you there.

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For me to join you in your business, here is what it takes, followed by a risk-reversal offer:

I’ve walked with over 1,000 small business owners and aspiring. Read what they have to say here, and read more about me here.

To get you the business you warrant and deserve doesn’t take a dramatic overhaul, revamp or bank loan. The beauty of being a Small Business is you’re nimble and quick.

We come in for an initial audit of,

  1. Where you are,
  2. Where you want to be
  3. What’s working,
  4. What’s not.


We then discern two things,

  • Key Inhibitors, and 
  • Big Opportunities


Next come the action steps to execute. Which I’ll help with, you’re not left alone to do it.

How We Work Together

1 Session Per Week for 8 Weeks

  • If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, we can do some face to face.
  • If you’re outside the area and want to do face to face, we can discuss based on my availability and your desire to incur the expense.
  • Otherwise we’ll utilize streaming video such as Skype (preferred) or Google Hangout.
  • Phone is doable, but a last resort.



First, 30-minute FREE consult on the phone if you’re interested. We need to make sure we understand and like each other.

60-Day Sage & Sherpa Package – $3,000

  • $2,000 up front
  • $1,000 on day 32


Two No Risk Guarantees

I’ve started, run, failed and succeeded with numerous small business endeavors. I’m as financial frugal and admittedly trust averse as they come. Partnership is about equally sharing the load. So we’ll share the risk…

  • Following our first session (the foundational session), if you don’t feel comfortable continuing, you may have your money back.
  • Following our 4th session, if you feel you’ve gotten what you need and don’t desire to continue, you may forgo the next 4 sessions and ensuing $1,000.


The question is not whether you can afford $3k, but…can I help you make enough sales you wouldn’t otherwise…to pay for it? And…much more?!

Fill out the info here to schedule our 30-minute free call together, or answer the questions and email me here.

Eager to talk and walk with you,

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