Show: Lessons from Ziglar, Storyeurisim and the need for Hope

September 19, 2012 | 2 comments. | Comment on this post

In today’s show I shared insights from my time at the Ziglar headquarters last week. To be enmeshed amidst the life of people who have devoted their lives to serving and inspiring others to better themselves was…profound.

Then we had a long discussion around my Storyeurism post, which I ended by confessing a revelation I received from a couple of the comments folks gave to the post. Namely that I am not spending enough time talking about what we all need most…what overcomes fear.


And I hope…you get value from this replay:

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Free Agent Underground Show – “Show: Lessons from Ziglar, Storyeurisim and the need for Hope”

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  • Christopher Battles

    What a wonderful experience with the Ziglar crew.
    We can get that “high” off other people’s stories, which is good if we are using it. I know can do that with inspirational/informative books. Good to always take in, but we have to burn the food or else it actually can hurt us. I see how I can read a few books and then not act on them and I feel worse because I now know what to do, but do not burn off the extra fuel.
    Thank you Kevin.
    I am off to go grab a few of those Ziglar books. I saw that sale earlier this week, but had purchased them yet.

    K, bye

    • Kevin Miller

      good words Christopher, thanks. Get Zig’s autobiography!