Survey says…it’s all about ‘calling’

September 21, 2011 | 6 comments. | Comment on this post

Today I went on a beautiful mountain bike ride in the high Rocky Mountains, all above 9,000′ above sea level. Aspens are just starting to turn yellow, air is crisp and it’s my utopia. Making even better…I was accompanied by my great friend Jon Dale.

Jon is a fellow free agent to the core. Husband, father to four, adventurer, believer and survivor of doing a lot of things wrong.

Today, he lives up here with me in Woodland Park, CO where he loves life and is living out his calling. He’s enjoying being co-founder of Moolala, a daily deals site that is vying for triumph over and amidst current leaders LivingSocial and Groupon.

Last week I posted this blog, and during the show on it the idea came up to interview successful free agents and see how they fared against my claims of the five ‘Cs’:

  • Calling
  • Conviction
  • Commitment
  • Counsel
  • Community

Today, Jon candidly answered, and gave us some profound insight and counsel. Folks, this is gold. And yes, he came back time and time again to ‘calling’, with so many shout outs to our Calling guru Gary Barkalow that is was nearly a commercial. But…it wasn’t. It was raw and honest testimony.

I’m posting the audio down below, but since Jon and I were sitting side-by-side in my home office, here also is the video. Forgive the initial bumbling around, we get rolling pretty quickly:


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  • Ivan Bickett

    I just have to say, I REALLY like Jon Dale. I’ve heard him here,, and I think it was Rise to the Top. The more I hear him, the more I like him. I’m going to start hunting him down (like I did you, Kevin, and to Justin Lukasavige). Jon, I’m Ivan. In the processing of going full time with my business, A Better Way of Business. Looking forward to learning from you and getting to know you better.

    I really liked the point about getting people who will REALLY hold you accountable. I’m starting to find those people myself. The experience is INVALUABLE!

    Another needed point for me is go find other business people in your town. I NEED to do that. I’ve GOT to make this a high priority!

    Kevin… I think EVERY TIME you talk about The Millionaire Next Door you give the author a new name. It is SERIOUSLY cracking me up. Tom Leonard, today. HA. Thanks for the laugh, man.


    • Kevin Miller

      Ivan, you are inspiring me daily with your fervent journey. I’m just going to start saying I wrote that book…

  • Teri Miller

    great info – and just a great, comfortable, fun vibe. 
    you guys are good together…

    • Kevin Miller

      thanks Love, and that’s good. I am comfortable with Jon, and value that tremendously

  • Anonymous

    EVERYBODY  should listen to this one!!!!  This was great!  Such a genuine example of what can happen to you and your life when you “DO THIS”.  It is not just fluff, you really can do this…..but in order to get there you must do this…….your 5 C’s.  5 simple words that when combined hold endless possibilities…that is kinda cool.

    Ya know what I walked away with?  Not only are these true and invaluable, but I AM ALREADY DOIN THEM!  How cool is that!  Could I do better in some areas? YES! Is it time to take it to another level? YES!  I am already working on both of those!  It is encouraging to know that you are doing something good and right even when you don’t have something tangible right in front of your face to confirm it.

    I am going to have to listen to this one again!
    Thank you,

    • Kevin Miller

      That’s what’s exciting Carolyne, that you ARE doing these things. And they will overcome so many of the dotted i’s and crossed t’s of ‘business’